About Us

Tara and Charlie each moved to Colorado nearly thirty years ago. Having trained as an artist Tara has found Raindrop a place where ideas and creativity are an important part of life. Charlie has a passion for music and volunteers at the local radio station, KRFC. They both spend rewarding time caring for many trees, an orchard, garden, a flock of chickens and turkeys, a doggie: Dusty; and a kitty: Lucia. Life and the environment that is maintained to support it is a meaningful focus.

Tara’s Art

As an artist Tara has a number of interests and projects. The building of a structure using reinforced concrete and straw bail construction is being planned and will be finished with ceramic and glass mosaic. A collaboration working with individuals interested in innovative energy efficient techniques and design will make this a wonderful learning experience.

Crafts and sculpture are of ongoing and primary importance and creating this building will be a challenging extension of those interests.

Raindrop was a bed and breakfast from 1990 to 2002 and during that time Tara focused on making color copy prints using the three dimensional found objects which she is always finding/looking for and which seem ordinary and insignificant on the surface but have a stunning effect on her imagination. In the same vein there are wall hung three dimensional collages that have been evolving for 20 years.

Charlies Music

Charlie has a passion for music of all kinds and devotes a lot of is time to reading about and listening to those musicians who catch his fancy. He has a wealth of knowledge and loves to talk and hear about all aspects of his interest. Volunteering at KRFC with several shows every week, Charlie is a ready champion of our many local musicians.

Opportunities as an Apprentice

Tara and Charlie are kept busy caring for and enjoying all the tasks and seasons that Raindrop offers. In the spring asparagus starts to appear early, the garden is planted and before long the progression of cherries, peaches, pears, apples, strawberries, vegetables, and more all unfold. The abundance needs to be shared and used and this is a lovely education in living close to the earth. Anyone who can or would like to visit and or help out is appreciated.

Massage Therapy

Tara has a small practice in massage and grateful for the opportunity to be a part of a person’s health care.