Weekly Organic Produce Basket

FlowersCSA Farm (Community Supported Agriculture)

What might you expect to receive…

Fruits and Vegetables:

We will grow all the veggies that do well in our area, asparagus in May; cherries and gooseberries in July,strawberries in June and September, apples and pears in August, and maybe apricots.

Also a variety of Value Added Products to Share

Farm Fresh Eggs

  • goats-milk soap
  • eggs
  • sauerkraut
  • jams
  • fruit leather
  • lip balm
  • fruit sorbet
  • aloe vera cream
  • heat and cold packs
  • herb beads and sachets
  • pear and cherry juice
  • chutney
  • shared recipes
  • origami

These are things we can on make Sunday and Monday afternoons. Do you have you ideas of something to make? Let us know.

At the beginning of the season: Membership $100
Weekly Fee $20

Pay for the whole month on the 1st of each month
Return your basket/boxes EVERY WEEK

Join in the harvest or making of products 4 hours per month  (if you are unable to work there is a fee)

If you can’t use your share, please call 493-0799 it can go to the Food Bank.
Chickens and Turkeys
Pick Up at TWP on Remington St  in downtown Ft Collins on Mondays

Or pick up at Saturday Farmers Market  or Sunday afternoons at Raindrop by arrangement

Our Turkeys and Chickens are free range in the orchard . If you would like a Turkey Share, fresh when you want them, please make a $20 deposit. We have free eggs for members. As of  2010 Raindrop is hatching and raising heirloom turkeys.

Fruit Shares A number of fruits and herbs are available weekly. Strawberries, raspberries, gooseberries, apricots, cherries, plums, apples, pears, and grapes are all in production at Raindrop. You pick only $15 per week with membership. call for details 493-0799.

Payments to: Tara L Parr 6901 McMurry, Bellvue CO 80512 493-0799